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Many years ago I purchased my first camera and headed in to town to attempt to capture some images. I took over 600 pictures; everything from Liberty Hall to the Anna Livia statue at the Croppy Acre! I was missing in action for 6 hours, to the extent that my darling wife Helen fed my dinner to the dog!! Since she saw my images she has been more than supportive of this project, in fact Helen is the one who said Dublin City should have it's own photography site.. so here we are! 

My name is Mike O' Brien, I was born and bred in this city.  I love to follow Dublin's Gaelic football and hurling teams. I am 36, married and have 2 sons named Darragh and Joe of whom I am very proud. I am very lucky to be married to Helen who is well above my league! She calls me 'Dora' when we are out on account of my camera bag on my back.  

The aim of the site is to document Dublin City. Dublin has so much to offer us in terms of the people, the landmarks and the culture. Please feel free to browse through my images - I would love some feedback on them too. You can get in touch via info@dublincityphotos.com. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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