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The Bull Wall

As a Northside Dubliner I take for granted the absolute beauty and serenity of The North Bull Wall. Such an amenity is very rare in a city the size of Dublin and what an amenity it is. the Wall is 3km long from the famous wooden Bridge to the statue of Realt na Mara (Mary, Queen of the Sea) at the end. The wall was first built in 1715 and them improved, modified and upgraded at the turn of the 18th century which is essentially what you see before you today. The reason for the wall was due to large amount of silting which occured in Dublin Bay and thus restricted access for merchant ships reaching the quays. All along the wall there are bathing shelters for the hardy male and female bathers who fancy a dip. At the end of the wall the statue Realt na Mara (Mary, Queen of the Sea) looks out over the Bay at night and is beautifully lit up. The statue has it's own website too, found here http://www.realtnamara.net/. The statue was unveiled in 1972. So the next time you have bit of a woolly head on a Sunday morning after too much porter, blow away the cobwebs and head to the Bull for brisk walk!! 


Mike O' Brien

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