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The Sackville Lounge

 Dublin is known the world over for its pubs. Us Irish have an affinity with 'going for a jar' and having 'the craic' while doing so. The lads over at the excellent blog 'Come Here To Me' this week gave us the terrible news that a true hidden gem of Dublins' Pubs is closing. The Sackville Lounge located on Sackville Lane isn't a huge pub, nor is it located on one of the nicest streets in the capital, but what The Sackville does have is a pub with true character behind and in front of the bar. The walls  are adorned with GAA jerseys, the toasties are said to be made by the hands of an angel and the pint of stout is one of those '3 swallow' delicious pints of cream. There has been no definate date for closing as of yet or even a reason as to why the pub is closing, it has been rumoured that the Clerys redevelopment intends on putting a hotel on the site. Whatever the reason make it your business to head in to the pub, with the paper/book and lap it up before the doors close for a final time. Because thats where I'm heading now. 



 Inside of The Sackville Lounge

 Inside of The Sackville Lounge

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