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18 Ormond Quay

Heading up the Quays many times I often wondered what was this run down, grubby building along Ormond Quay. 18 Ormond Quay has just been taken over by the Dublin Civic Trust and have huge plans to bring the building (dating from c.1740) back to it's former glory. The building has had an extensive history of uses over the centuries from a Gun Shop, hotel, a pub, Fishing tackle shop to an art exhibition space used by Mannix Flynn. Not in use since about 2006 the building has started to peel from the weather and when I rocked up to take pictures of the exterior, (The very knoweldgeable forman wouldn't let me inside due the state of the interior). He was enthused at this undertaking which involves restoring the building from top to bottom and putting back the original entrance in the middle arch at the front. The windows will be repaired as where possible too back the original. Recently the fantastic RTE journalist Philip Bromwell got acess (it's not what you know eh??!!) and did this fantastic report:


The pics here were taken just before the extensive works took place


These pictures show the task ahead for the Dublin Civic Trust. The scaffolding was erected today and works will continue for the next 3 years or so.

The pictures above show the uses and depictions of the building through the years. Most Dubliners will remember the Watts Fishing Shop that was located here until the 90s.


Below is an artists impression of the finished product after all works are complete. This is the most challenging and transformative building project the Trust has embarked on since its foundation in 1992. The future looks bright for this building with these plans in place.

This will include:

- Extensive structural engineering to consolidate the bowing side wall to Arran Street East

- Removal of pebbledash to facades, and repair and repointing of brickwork.

- Structural stabilisation of historic shopfront, repair of granite masonry, and reinstatement of original configuration with central entrance door and Georgian-type windows with cast-iron grilles.

- Upper floor windows returned to their original Georgian grid configuration using precise historic dimensions.

These works will be followed by repair of interiors, including plasterwork, joinery, floors and ceilings as well as a mechanical and electrical services.

A subsequent phase in 2018-19 will address the more complex 18th-century building to the rear on Arran Street East. This will involve careful investigative opening-up works to help determine the structural condition of the building and its original layout and purpose.

From me Mike O' Brien I wish everyone at the Dublin Civic Trust all the very best with this massive job. And make sure you keep the old Dublin street sign too!!  They are looking for donations to get this project completed so should you require any further information visit


We will keep you updated on progress on the project too as it develops.

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