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Please Don't go... Please don't go........


Over the last few weeks I have heard an unprecedented level of arrogance from UK MPs over Brexit.  Too many of them have have said  Ireland 'should know it's place' and I even heard another one of them nearly threaten famine on goods coming in to Ireland. Think about that. Threatening famine on a nation that suffered a horrific famine in the 1840s thanks to British rule.

That didn't go down well over here.

The EU is not without it's issues. We know that. Immigration seems to be a huge issue in the UK. Without people doing the work of nurses and road builders nothing would get done.

Two of the few jobs that immigrants do when they arrive to most EU nations. Your MPs have shown a lack of  'collective good of the UK' and more of a looking after themselves attitude to it all. There is only one option left to save the UK.  Another vote.  The UK was sold a bunch of lies spearheaded  by Boris and Nigel Farage and their likes. The UK was once looked upon by the world and even us here in little old Ireland as a nation to aspire to be. That's gone now. Gone.

We here in Ireland are very closely tied to the UK through Family, Culture, Sport and our shared, somewhat troubled history. I have never met an english person who hates Ireland. EVER. They are not taught the history our two islands have in common for centuries. Us Irish going to the UK is nearly  as easy as heading to Cork and in most cases a lot cheaper too. We have taken for granted the ease of travel between us.

From the end of March that's gone. We have already seen big multinational companies leave the UK for a more settled base  in places like Ireland with access to the single market. I can't believe the UK has a problem with too many  immigrants coming in. I can't believe that because it hs been happening since the dawn of The Empire. What I find hard to believe is too many UK citizens don't know why Northern Ireland is part of the UK and not Ireland. History is not a major part of British schooling it appears.

I can only commend our Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on his stance on Brexit. With the EU behind him he has protected Irish and indeed Northern Irish interests in not having a hard border. A hard border would/will set back Northern Ireland 20 years.

It will. It is fragile enough as it is.

A border with checks on goods/vehicles would be bad for business and tourism. But will somone ask the DUP why they can't see that??  Ask Arlene. She has 'Ulster says No'  Tatooed on her forehead and can't seem to be able to see the wood for trees. A no deal Brexit is a bit like getting thrown out of  bar on Saturday  night wthout your jacket or your wallet. What are ya gonna do??? A long walk home is the only solution.

The British PM has appeared to have bungled her way through these chats with the EU. The EU were not going to make it easy to leave. Why  would they? They signed up and can't just back out without fulfilling the financial obligations to the club they want to leave.  It will take 5/6 years of Sterling  being rock bottom for the UK to start to bounce back from leaving. In the meantime us Irish will have longer waits and immigration to get in to go and see a football match.  That is of course if we want to. But the UK will see fewer nurses, fewer builders, fewer people in service industry jobs as people will leave and less people will enter the UK.

But then again that's what The British  wanted wasn't it?I

Mike O' Brien