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Liberty Hall

Sometimes we don't even notice it. More often than not we don't notice it. It's there though. Liberty Hall in it's current guise has stood there since 1965. The architect, Desmond Rea O Kelly embodied the new Dublin that was emerging in the 60s. A new state, a state looking forward for a change, a state that announced it's arrival. Busaras around the corner which was completed in the early 50s was built in the same concept. New design, new thinking. The site at which Liberty Hall stands is one which is more than important to us Irish and more importantly, us Dubs. The Proclomation was printed in the basement, the picture 'We serve neither King nor Kaiser over the front door in 1916 resonates as a part of our history. Recently I managed to blag my way to the top thanks to Paul who was on the front desk. the building is a beut. It does need some love, let there be no mistake.

People don't like the building. I've heard and read things on forums about it being very ugly, not fitting in with the city scape. Granted Liberty Hall is not pretty. I don't think that can be denied. The architect had designed the building to be initially see through. A unique design, the Look at the context of the building though. It's Ireland in the mid 60s. A new generation of thinkers. The 1916 50th anniversary was at this time, new politics from government was emerging. The de Valera way of thinking was shrinking fast. With Sean Lemass as Taoiseach he was injecting new life in to Ireland, trying to reduce the scourge of emigration that has blighted our nation since the 1840 with his political policies. Architecture in the city was following suit.

Mike O' BrienComment